Sharjah Driving License Renewal: The Ultimate 4-Step Guide

Driving licenses in Sharjah are issued with a validity of 2 years. Once two years have been completed, you’ll need to renew your Sharjah Driving License, as it’s important to continue your driving journey legally. You’ll be penalized with a fine if not renewed within the deadline. So, it must be renewed in order to avoid any unfavorable situation. Today, we’ll walk you through how you can apply for Sharjah Driving License Renewal.

It’s important to note that Sharjah driving license validity is the same for all GCC Nationals, UAE Nationals, and Expats. So, they must renew their driving license to be able to drive within UAE. Let’s get started with the Renewal of Sharjah Driving License Guide.

Sharjah Driving License Renewal Process

Your Sharjah Driving License is valid for 2 years. Once your driving license expires, you’ll get a 30-day grace period from the UAE Government to renew your driving license. If you fail to renew your driving license within the grace period, you’ll be charged a 10 AED fine for every month for up to 500 AED. You can also check your Emirates ID Status easily at

Sharjah Driving License Renewal the Ultimate Guide

If you haven’t renewed your Sharjah driving license for the past 10 years, you’ll need to retake the driving test and pass the test. In order to avoid this huge hassle, make sure to renew your driving license within the time limit. You can start applying for the renewal 6 months prior to the expiry date of your driving license.

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License Renewal Application

Normally, you can apply for Sharjah Driving License Renewal in three ways. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Through Traffic and Licensing Centers

The first way through which you can renew your driving license is by visiting the Traffic and Licensing Service Center in Al Ramtha in person. Traffic and Licensing Service Center locations and timings have been mentioned below.

Timings: Saturday to Thursday 07:30 AM – 02:30 PM (Closed on Friday)

Locations: Sheikh Khalid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi St, Wasit suburb Al Ramtha, Sharjah.

Contact No.: 800-5000

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2. Through The Ministry of Interior Website

You can also renew your Sharjah Driving License online through the Ministry of Interior’s Official Website. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Ministry of Interior website.
  • Step 2: Hover over the “Services” section in the header and click on “Traffic & Licensing.”
  • Step 3: Look for the “Renew A Vehicle Driver’s License” option and click “Start Service.”
Click on Renew A Vehicle Driver's License
  • Step 4: Log in using your credentials and start entering your details; once done, click on submit to finish the process.
Login using Your Details
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3. Through the MOI UAE App

You can also apply for Sharjah Driving License Renewal through the Ministry of Interior UAE App. Install the app from the Google or iOS App Store, log in using your credentials, and submit an application for Driving License Renewal.

Renew your Sharjah driving license via MOI UAE App

Documents Required For Sharjah Driving License Renewal

In order to renew your driving license, you need the following documents:

  • Old License
  • Original Valid Emirates ID
  • Colored Photograph against a White Background
  • Valid Eye Test

The eye test is valid for 3 years, so you can use the same eye test that you might have used for your previous driving license. In case more than 3 years have passed, then you’ll need to retake your eye test.

You can conduct your eye test at any authorized medical center, such as Yateem Opticians, Revoli Eyezone, Grand Optics, and Al Jaber Optical. An eye test can cost anywhere between 100 AED to 190 AED.

In case you have any outstanding balance against your driving license, make sure to clear the fine. In order to get information in person, you can visit the Customer Happiness Centers in Sharjah.

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Sharjah Driving License Renewal Fee

The fee to renew a Sharjah driving license has been shared below.

Age GroupRenewal FeeDelivery FeeTotal FeePayment Method
Under 21 Years120 AED15 AED135 AEDCredit Card or Cash
21 Years and Above320 AED15 AED335 AEDCredit Card or Cash

You can avoid the additional delivery fee of 15 AED by collecting your driver’s license yourself. Now, you can also check your Emirates fines using your ID card at Emirates ID Fine Check.

Validity of Renewed Driving License

The validity of the renewed driving license for Expats is 5 years, while for UAE Nationals and GCC Nationals, it’s 10 Years.

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You can apply for Sharjah Driving License online via the Ministry of Interior’s Official Website or Through MOI UAE App. You can also apply physically through Traffic and Licensing Service Center in Al Ramtha.

For people under the age of 21, the driving license renewal fee is 120 AED, and for those who are 21 years old and above, the driving license renewal cost is 320 AED.

Yes, you can apply for UAE Driving License Renewal online after submitting your details on the RTA Website, while for the Renewal of your Sharjah Driving License, you can apply online at the MOI website.

The validity tenure for Sharjah Driving License is 2 years.


A complete guide on Sharjah Driving License Renewal has been shared, and now you can easily apply for the renewal of your Sharjah Driving License. Make sure to renew your license within the time limit in order to avoid any additional fines. Though all of the details have been shared, if you still face any issues in renewing your Sharjah driving license, you can contact us through our contact form.

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