How To Get A Job in Dubai – 10 Top Secrets of Dubai Recruiters

Dubai is one of the most attractive cities for job seekers. People from all over the world want to get a job in Dubai. It’s not surprising to see the things Dubai has to offer, including tax-free income and an ever-growing economy. But it’s not smooth like butter to land a job in Dubai due to the huge competition from all over the world. So, you might ask how to get a job in Dubai. Today, we’ll guide you on how to find a job in Dubai.

Finding a job in Dubai can be challenging, but with the right set of techniques and hunting, you can land your favorite job. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So, you just need to find the gap that others aren’t seeing.

Today, we’re going to share the top 10 secrets that job recruiters look for in applicants, and often, job applicants are lacking in that. Let’s get started.

How To Get A Job In Dubai 10 Top Secrets from Dubai Recruiters

How To Get A Job In Dubai? – 10 Secrets

Many people find themselves in total disappointment after applying for many jobs in Dubai but still not landing one. It can be a genuinely disappointing tenure for them, and they start losing hope of getting a job as they don’t know how to get a job in Dubai. But you can bypass that by following these 10 secrets and successfully landing one.

  • Apply At The Right Time Of The Year
  • Don’t Over-Apply
  • Partner With A Top Dubai Recruiter
  • Find The Best Dubai Job Vacancies
  • Adapt Your Dubai CV For Every Job
  • Utilize Dubai Job Boards
  • Build Your Network
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Dubai
  • Get A Local Dubai Number
  • Use Top Job Search Tools
10 Secrets To Get a Job In Dubai
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1. Apply At The Right Time Of The Year

The first point in our “How To Get A Job in Dubai – Guide” is applying at the right time of the year. Though you can apply at any time of the year in Dubai, there are some times when job recruiters almost stop hiring, and they start hiring again only at a specific time of the year. So, you need to track that time of the year when the recruitment rate is high.

What’s The Best Time To Apply For Job In Dubai?

So, before starting your procedure to apply for jobs, it’s worth noting that January and February are the best months to look for a job in Dubai, and followed by these two, March, April, and May are the months when recruitment is highest. So, you must plan your job journey in these months to successfully land a job.

What’s The Worst Time To Apply For Jobs In Dubai?

So, you might be thinking about what months you should avoid in applying for a job. So, June, July, and August, the summer months, see a significant drop in job recruitment, and you should prepare your mind not to get disappointed while not getting a job in these months as these months don’t have a high job recruitment ratio. Dubai is a Muslim country, so you should also track the religious holidays while applying for jobs as well.

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2. Don’t Over Apply

This might sound a little odd to you as you might be thinking that the more you apply, the greater will be your chances of getting hired. But that’s not the case in Dubai, as Dubai recruiters only recruit applicants with the exact mentioned skills related to the job. So, overapplying can still not get you the job.

Use A Targeted Approach

You must use a targeted approach. List down the jobs and apply on those jobs only on which you’ve 80-85 % of your skillset relevancy. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

Also, make sure to consider the language and location, as if you apply to other language jobs like Arabic, you won’t be able to land a job if you’re only an English speaker.

Also, applying for every job will make you frustrated if you do not get a positive response, and it’ll result in disappointment.

Make A List Of Target Companies

Make a list of the target companies that are more related to your skill set. This will drastically increase your chances of getting hired. Start applying for those companies’ jobs, and you’ll surely see a positive effect.

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3. Partner With A Top Dubai Recruiter

The third point in our “How to get a job in Dubai – Guide” is partnering with a job recruiter. If you’re new in Dubai, you must work with at least one or two Dubai Recruiters and Recruitment companies, which will help you a lot in landing a job. This is the third point in our how to get a job in Dubai – guide.

Work With A Job Recruiter in Dubai

Why You Should Partner With Dubai Recruiters?

There are two top reasons why you should work with recruiters in Dubai.

  • They understand the market well and can help you navigate the jobs efficiently. It’s good for you if you’re fresh in the Dubai market.
  • Recruiters have a huge network of connections, and they can help you get a job easily.

With How Many Recruiters You Should Work With?

You should work with job recruiters, but working with many recruiters can be bad as well, so you should work with one or, at the most, two recruiters only and make sure to select the good recruiters only as they’ll further help you get a promotion after getting a job. So, you must form good relations with the recruiter.

You should avoid bad recruiters at any cost, as they can negatively affect you. They have bad relations with companies as well, and ultimately, having a relationship with them will also affect you.

Points To Consider While Working With Recruiters

You should consider these points strictly while working with a job recruiter:

  • They should be well respected and well-established.
  • They should be willing to speak with you either via call or text or willing to meet with you.
  • They should understand your skills and have a vast network in your field.
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4. Find The Best Dubai Job Vacancies

To land a job, you should find the best job vacancies in Dubai. There are hundreds of platforms where you can look for jobs in Dubai, but a majority of them are just there for views. So, you should only use the below-mentioned platforms for Dubai jobs as they have a huge history and positive response in the job market:

  • LinkedIn
  • Gulf Talent
  • Bayut

There may be other platforms as well, but these four are undoubtedly trusted by the whole world. With this, we disclose our fourth point in how to get a job in Dubai – guide.

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5. Adapt Your Dubai CV For Every Job

You might feel that it’s too much work for you, but keep in mind that you should organize your CV in such a way that a job recruiter feels that this CV has been designed just for this job.

Instead of applying for 100 jobs a day, if you could hunt only 5 jobs a day that exactly match your skills and design your CV according to that job, then your chances of getting a job will exponentially rise, and you’ll truly feel a difference in getting responses after adapting this technique.

So, the portion where you should put the most effort is:

  • Professional Profile
  • Selected Accomplishments
  • Targeted Job Keywords and Title
  • Key Skills

You don’t need to change your CV whenever you apply for a new job. Just changing the above sections is fine.

6. Utilize Dubai Job Boards

The sixth point in our how to get a job in Dubai – guide is efficiently utilizing Dubai Job Boards. You can also utilize the Dubai Job Boards to hunt for jobs, but make sure to apply not for every job. Apply for those jobs only that have the most relevance to your skill set. Let’s have a look at how you can efficiently use the Dubai Job Boards.

Research Through Dubai Job Boards

Dubai Job Boards are a great way to conduct research. You can research which companies are offering your targeted jobs and whether you have added them to your list or not. You can also get an idea of salaries and other benefits these companies are offering.

Use Dubai Job Boards To Get Founded By Recruiters

Recruiters often search for talent through Dubai Job Boards. By creating a profile on the Dubai Job Board, your chances of getting contacted by job recruiters increase.

Apply For A Job

Apply for jobs through Dubai Job Boards and make sure to apply on those jobs only that have at least 85% relevance to your skillset.

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7. Build Your Network in Dubai

Another top secret that the majority of people neglect is that they don’t build a network. You should start building your network in Dubai and connect with the professionals in your field. You’ll be surprised how it’ll start benefiting you.

Build Your Network in Dubai

Spend at least 1-2 hours a day finding emails from the people who are working well in your industry and connecting with them.

You can use the following tools to connect with the people in Dubai.

  • Sales QL

8. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Dubai

The eighth point in our how to get a job in Dubai – guide is optimizing your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has become a top platform for professional networking and hunting for jobs. So, you must optimize your LinkedIn Profile as in major jobs; recruiters often ask to insert the URL of your LinkedIn profile as well.

So, you might be thinking about which portions of your LinkedIn Profile you must optimize. Below, these sections have been mentioned.

  • LinkedIn Banner
  • About Section
  • Skills Section
  • Profile Picture
  • Headline
  • Experience Section
  • Contact Details

9. Get A Local Dubai Number

As soon as you reach Dubai, get a local Dubai number, as recruiters prefer those who have mentioned their Dubai Contact Number on their CV and on their LinkedIn profile. It’s also a signal to recruiters that you’re in Dubai and are ready for the interview.

It’ll increase your chances of getting hired because recruiters feel more confident in hiring local residents instead of calling and contacting applicants from other countries. So, if you’re serious about getting a job in Dubai, then you must get a local Dubai number as soon as possible.

10. Use Top Job Search Tools

The tenth and last point in our how to get a job in Dubai – guide is using the best job-searching tools. You should use the top job search tools to get relevant jobs in Dubai. You can use the following tools:

  • LinkedIn Premium
  • Job Scan
  • Hunter IO
  • Sales QL


Dubai’s Job Market is quite competitive, but with the right set of techniques, you can surely get a job.

Once your employer has hired you for a job, he’ll ask you to come to Dubai, and he’ll be responsible for applying for a work permit and work visa.

You can get a job from Pakistan in Dubai by applying for various Dubai jobs, and once you’ve been hired, the employer will be responsible for applying for an entry permit to Dubai for you.


The top 10 secrets on How To Get a Job In Dubai have been shared above, and make sure to follow the above secrets carefully. Try to follow all the instructions, and don’t ever lose heart. After following the above instructions, you’ll surely see a difference in getting responses, and soon you’ll land your dream job.

So, that’s all from our “How to get a job in Dubai – Guide”. Do let us know if you still have any questions.

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