UAE Work Permit 2024: A Guide To Get A Work Permit in UAE

So, you’re planning to stay in UAE for a long time, and in order to earn your living there, you’ll need to work in UAE. It’s worth noting that you’ll need a UAE Work Permit in order to work there. According to the UAE Government, working in the UAE without a work permit is illegal. So, you must apply for a work permit first. Today, we’ll guide you on the importance of an Emirates Work permit and how you can get a work permit.

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UAE Work Permit Everything You Need to Know About Emirates Work Permit

Getting A UAE Work Permit

According to UAE Labour Law, it’s illegal to work in UAE without a work permit. So, you must have a valid work permit to work. A Work Permit is a document that licenses an individual to work in the UAE. A work permit is provided by a company registered in UAE, and its employer is responsible for providing you with the work permit.

The company’s employer processes the work permit application, and once the whole process is completed and accepted, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) issues the work permit.

A work permit was initially valid for 2 years, but UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) has extended the validity from 2 to 3 years. This step was taken to lower the employees’ financial burden. Also, FNC has lifted the work permit fees for workers while switching jobs.

FNC has approved another recommendation that an employee should work under the same employer for at least 1 year after the probation period, and this condition can be lifted if the employee and employer mutually agree. An extension of the work permit was made in order to ease the working conditions and increase the potential savings of UAE employees.

MoHRE issues various types of work permits. Let’s have a look at the types of work permits.

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Types of UAE Work Permit

MoHRE issues 12 types of work permits to UAE residents. Let’s have a look at them.

  • A work permit for the transfer of the foreign worker from one establishment to the other.
  • A temporary work permit for hiring an employee to complete the work within a short amount of time.
  • A part-time work permit to hire an employee under a part-time work contract having fewer working hours than a full-working contract.
  • A student employment and training permit to hire someone under 15 years of age living in UAE.
  • A golden work permit to hire an employee having a UAE Golden employment visa.
  • A freelancer work permit for individuals who offer their services without any permanent contract.
  • A work permit to hire a worker from outside of UAE.
  • A family-sponsored work permit.
  • A one-time work permit to hire a worker for the completion of a specified task until completion.
  • A juvenile work permit to hire a juvenile between 18 to 15 years.
  • A GCC/UAE national permit to hire a GCC or UAE national.
  • A national trainee permit in order to train a UAE National.
Types of UAE Work Permit
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Difference Between UAE Work Permit and UAE Work Visa

Although both are important in order to live in UAE, let’s have a look at what’s the difference between them.

A work visa is issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFAD), while a UAE work permit is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

A work permit allows you to work in the UAE legally, while a work visa allows you to enter and leave the UAE for work purposes. You can get complete information about work visas at UAE Work Visa Guide.

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Applying For A UAE Work Permit

Before applying for a Dubai work permit, the establishment must fulfill the criteria of MoHRE. It should have:

  • The application must be filled out by the establishment’s signatory.
  • A valid trade license.

The above conditions must be fulfilled as MoHRE can cancel or reject the application if:

  • It doesn’t practice its registered activity or is fictitious.
  • Provide incorrect information or documents.
  • Not compliant with Wages Protection System (WPS).

The company hiring you is responsible for applying for the work permit on your behalf. Once you reach UAE, the employer will handle your work permit and work visa application procedure.

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Cancelling A Work Permit

When canceling a work permit, it’s worth noting that the establishments must have cleared all of the dues and entitlements for the employee. The work permit will not be considered canceled as long as the employee hasn’t signed the agreement. So, the permit will be canceled upon mutual agreement only.

More information can be found on MoHRE official website about the labour laws.

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Cost of UAE Work Permits

Issuance and renewal of work permits can cost anywhere between 250 AED to 3450 AED, and it varies with the company’s classifications as companies are classified as A, B, and C.

The classification of the companies reflects their extent with UAE labour laws, MoHRE directives and regulations, Wage Protection Systems, Policies Promoting Demographic and Cultural Diversity, and Workers’ Rights Laws. C-Category companies show that they lack commitment and have a history of violations of UAE laws.

You can see how much it costs for a work permit for different categories below.

Schedule (1)
Work Permit From Inside The Country (Valid Residence Visa Holders)

Sr. No.Service TypeFee
1Juvenile Work Permit50 AED
2Temporary Work Permit50 AED
3Part-Time Work Permit50 AED
4Training Permit50 AED
5Worker Testing Permit50 AED
6Residence Visa Holder Work Permit50 AED
7Golden Visa Holder or Freelance Work Permit for Two Years250 AED

Schedule (2)
Work Permits From Outside The Country (All Employment Types)

Sr. No.Service TypeFee in AED
Category 1Category 2Category 3
1Work Permit Application505050
2Issuance of Work Permit – Two Years25012003450
3Issuance of Work Mission Permit250250250

Schedule (3)
Renewal of Work Permits, Modification of Employment Contracts, Transfer of Employees from One Establishment to Another (All Contract Types)

Sr. No.Service TypeFee in AED
Category 1Category 2Category 3
1Work Permit Renewal – Two Years25012003450
2Modification of Employment Contract505050
3Transfer From One Establishment to Another Permit505050
4Permit for Transfer and Employment of Workers from One Establishment to another25012003450

Schedule (4)
Licensing of Meditation and Employment Agencies

Sr. No.Service TypeFee in AED
1Meditation Agency License – One Year25,00012.500
2Employment Agency License – One Year50,00025,000

Suspension of New Work Permits for Firms’ Violation

Firms should take utter care not to violate the MoHRE’s laws, as upon violating these four terms, MoHRE will stop issuing any work permits to the firms. The four violations that firms should never commit are:

  • Unable to provide appropriate labour accommodations.
  • Abusing the granted privilege to access MoHRE systems that can disrupt the ministry’s procedures.
  • Violating or crossing the MoHRE’s service fee and fines restrictions for firms.
  • Human trafficking allegations.
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Work permit in UAE costs around 250 AED to 3450 AED depending upon the duration of the work permit and the company’s classification.

Any person who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to apply for a UAE work permit in UAE.


A complete guide on UAE work permits has been shared above. You can go through the article to understand the importance of a work permit and how you can apply for one. Do let us know if you still need to ask anything.

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