Salary Check NBAD Inquiry – Do FAB Balance Enquiry In Just 2 Steps

The moment you receive the salary, the first step you take is to visit a bank or ATM to check your bank account balance. But what if you can check your salary online without leaving your space? Yes! You heard it right. While living in UAE, you can do your salary check UAE and NBAD Balance by utilizing the “Salary Check NBAD Inquiry” service by FAB online in just a few minutes.

The best thing is that to receive your salary, you don’t even need to have a bank account while using an FAB prepaid card. Today, we’ll walk you through how you can do an NBAD Balance Check. This way, you’ll be able to perform an FAB Bank Salary Check and do an NBAD balance inquiry without any issues.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) is also known as the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB). So, you don’t need to be confused between these terms. They both are the same and you can check your FAB Balance Check down below in moments.

Salary Check NBAD Inquiry (NBAD Balance Inquiry In 2 Steps)

How To Do Salary Check NBAD Inquiry Online?

You can easily check your NBAD Salary Enquiry or do a FAB balance enquiry just by having your NBAD Prepaid Card with you. In order to check your NBAD Balance and do a UAE Salary Check NBAD Inquiry, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the PPC FAB website of NBAD or click the link below to check your NBAD Balance.
  • Step 2: Take out your card and enter “Last 2 Digits of Card No.” and your “Complete Card ID,” as shown in the figure below.
Enter the Last 2 Digits of Card No. and Enter your Complete Card ID
  • Step 3: Once you’ve entered the data, click on “Go”. You’ll be able to see your NBAD Balance and the history of your last 10 transactions.
Salary Check NBAD Inquiry Result

This way, you can check your NBAD, FAB, and Ratibi Cards balance.

Make sure to enter the correct information while doing a Salary Check NBAD Inquiry, as if entered wrong; you won’t be able to see the balance of your card. In case you face any error, you can always contact NBAD Customer Support and ask them to do your FAB bank salary account balance check. If you’re looking for a guide solely providing Ratibi salary checking service then you can visit Ratibi Card Salary Check.

In order to contact customer support, you can call at 600522298.

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Features of Ratibi Prepaid Card Probably You Didn’t Know About

Ratibi Prepaid Card was launched by FAB in 2008 to support employees who earn 5,000 AED or less. In order to receive their salaries, they don’t need to have an active FAB account and companies’ employers can directly transfer their employees’ pay to their Prepaid Ratibi Cards.

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Ratibi Prepaid Card
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Salient Features of Ratibi Card

Let’s have a look at the salient features of the Ratibi Card:

  • 24/7 Free Access to Largest CDMs and ATMs Network
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance
  • No Monthly Charges for Cardholders
  • No Minimum Balance Requirement

The best thing about the Ratibi Card is that you can withdraw money from your Ratibi Prepaid card at any ATM Machines worldwide.

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Benefits of Ratibi Prepaid Card

Some of the benefits of the Ratibi Prepaid Card are:

  • Cardholders can set their own PINs at the ATM Machine.
  • You can use it at any VISA/MasterCard Network worldwide.
  • Free SMS Alert whenever salary will be credited to your card.
  • 100% Complaint with the UAE Government’s WPS Guidelines.
  • 24/7 Call Customer Support.
  • You can use it at any online payment method, in stores, and at any ATM Machines around the world.
Benefits of Ratibi Prepaid Card
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Why Ratibi Card Is Preferred?

Ratibi Card is preferred due to the following benefits:

  • No Bank Account Required
  • Immediate Salary Crediting to Your Card
  • Eliminates Carrying Cash Risk
  • Secure and Easy Way to Receive Your Wages.
  • Fully automated service.
  • You can easily do a Ratibi Card Salary Check
  • FAB Balance Enquiry can be done online.

Benefits for Employers (Why Employers Prefer It?)

It’s also beneficial for employers. Let’s have a look at what benefits it provides to employers.

  • It provides real-time card management through online banking.
  • A secure way to transfer salaries from your corporate account to employees’ Ratibi Prepaid Cards through Online Banking.
  • A Stress-Free Salary Payment Solution.
  • Alternative services for salary processing according to corporate requirements.

Eligibility Criteria For Ratibi Card

Let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria for the Ratibi Prepaid Card.

  • The employee must be a resident of the UAE.
  • Employer will be the holder of a corporate account with FAB Account.
  • Employees with only full knowledge of Know Your Customer (KYC) details will be allowed to have a Ratibi Card.
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You can also check your Prepaid Card balance and other details online by downloading the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) Mobile App, which is available on both iOS and Google Play Stores.

With the FAB App, you can activate your card, check your balance, change any settings, and check other relevant details as well. You can simply register at the FAB App using your Emirates ID.

FAB Mobile App Interface
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  • Simply go to the BANKFAB Site, enter the last two digits of your Card Number and enter your Card ID.
  • You’ll be able to view your NBAD balance and the history of your last 10 transactions.

Yes, you can visit the FAB online website or download the FAB Mobile app, and by entering your card’s last 2 digits and Card ID, you can check your ATM Balance online.

It’s specially designed for the employees of UAE who earn 5,000 AED or less.

FAB Prepaid card allows you to use it everywhere in the UAE, and not just to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases at POS machines only.

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A complete guide on Salary Check NBAD Inquiry, Ratibi Prepaid Card, and Benefits of Ratibi Card have been explained above. You can easily check your NBAD Card Balance in just 2 steps without needing anything other than your Prepaid Card. You just need to enter your card’s last two numbers and your card ID. That’s all you need to do Salary Check NBAD Inquiry. Also, explore the 82 Nationalities that are eligible for UAE Visa Free Travel.

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