Understanding Emirates ID Returned For Modification Status and What You Can Do

Emirates ID Card is one of the most important documents you must possess while living in the UAE. While applying for an Emirates ID, you might face the “Emirates ID Returned For Modification” issue. You might panic, not knowing what to do. But you don’t need to worry at all. Many people often face it, and it can be resolved easily.

Today, we’ll guide you on what this status means, why it occurs, and how you can resolve this issue. Ready! Let’s get started.

Emirates ID Returned For Modification Here's What You Can Do Now

Why “Emirates ID Returned For Modification” Issue Occurs?

While applying for your Emirates ID, this issue can occur for several reasons, such as a mismatch between the data while applying for your Emirates ID and the supporting documents or due to incorrect or any missing information while filling out the application.

If you receive a waiting for residency issue after checking the status of your Emirates ID, you can easily resolve it Emirates ID Showing Waiting For Residency Issue Guide.

How To Get An Emirates ID?

In order to get an Emirates ID, you’ll be going through the processes mentioned below:

  • Registration: In the first step, you register yourself by going to the official website of the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), submitting your documents, and filling out the application form.
  • Application Submission and Fee Payment: In the next step, you submit your application and pay the fee that is required for the Emirates ID either online or by paying in cash.
  • Biometric Confirmation: If you’re applying for the first time, you’ll need to go through biometric verification. For that, you can visit any nearby Customer Happiness Center and provide your Biometrics there.
  • Issuing Residency Procedure (For Expats Only): If you’re a Foreigner (Expat), you’ll need to provide additional documents for issuing your residency, including your Emirates ID, Visa, and Passport.
  • Collection of Your Card: Once the whole procedure is done, you’ll receive a text message when your ID card is ready to be picked up. You can collect your card from the nearby Customer Happiness Center, or also you can select home delivery for an additional fee.

Once everything is done from your side, you can check your Emirates ID Status. While checking your ID Status, if you see the “Emirates ID Returned For Modification” status. Here’s what you can do. You can renew your Emirates ID at Emirates ID Renewal.

Steps To Get An Emirates ID
Explore everything about labour card at UAE Labour Card Guide.

I’m Receiving an “Emirates ID Returned For Modification” Issue. What Should I Do Now?

While checking your ID card status, if you receive Emirates ID Returned For Modification, it means there has been a mistake while applying for your ID card, and you need to make some corrections. The instructions have been provided by ICP.

Here’s what you can do now.

  • Go through the issues that have been mentioned by ICP’s staff in your email. It can be due to any error or incorrect information while filling out the form or due to any expired document such as a visa or passport, or due to entering incorrect expiry dates.
  • Correct the details (if there was any error) or provide those documents that have been asked for in the ICP notification either online or by visiting Happiness Center.
  • Provide the supporting documents and submit the application form.
  • Wait for a few hours or days for ICP to update your status.
  • If approved, your ID card will be delivered to you, or else you’ll be notified for further documents to be provided.

This way, you can fix the “Emirates ID Returned For Modification” Issue. In order to avoid this issue in the first place, make sure to fill out the application exactly in accordance with the ICA guidelines.

For any info, you can either visit Customer Happiness Center or call 600-522-222. Also, explore how to check UAE travel ban.

In case you lost your emirates id you can replace it by following lost emirates id card guide.


You can correct any mistake in your Emirates ID either at the ICP website, by going to any Customer Happiness Center, or by visiting any Kiosk Machine.

You can check the status of your Emirates ID by going to ICP’s website and entering your PRAN or IDN Number.

In case you don’t update your Emirates ID details, all of your debit and credit cards linked with your Emirates ID will be suspended.

It can occur due to any incorrect information while applying for an Emirates ID or due to any system error.


If you ever receive “Emirates ID Returned For Modification“, you can follow the above-mentioned guidelines in order to resolve your issue. This way, you’ll be able to fix any errors that may have occurred while applying for the Emirates ID card. Make sure to follow all the guidelines of ICP while applying for your Emirates ID so that you do not have to face any issues in the first place. Also, explore Emirates ID Fine Check.

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