Unified Number UAE – A Complete Guide on UAE UID Number in 2024

If you’re planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, then you must have applied for a UAE residence visa or UAE tourist visa. While staying in UAE, you’ll need the Unified Number, also called the UID Number, for various services, and it’s proof of your identification in UAE. Though everyone receives a unique Unified Number UAE, many people aren’t familiar with where they can see it.

Today, we’ll walk you through how you can find your UAE Unified Number, also called UID Number, and why it’s important. Let’s get started.

Unified Number UAE A Complete Guide To UAE UID Number

What is a Unified Number UAE?

Unified Number UAE or UID Number is a unique 9-15 digit number assigned to every resident of UAE, whether he’s a UAE National, Expat, or any other person. Your UID Number is your identity in the UAE, and the UAE government identifies you by your UID Number.

UID Number remains the same even after renewing your visa or if you change your visa status from tourist to residence visa.

UID Number is issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFAD).

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Are the UAE Unified Number and UAE Visa Number the Same?

Many people confuse the UID Number with the UAE visa number, but it’s crucial to note that both are different. On the top of your residency visa, you’ll find your UID Number stated as “UID”, and below your UID number, you’ll find your visa number as “File Number“.

You should also note that if you currently have a tourist visa and want to convert it to a residence visa, your visa number will also change. But your UID number will remain the same in every case.

UID Number on Residence Visa

Many foreigners and Expats are unaware that they already have their Unified Number with them on their residence visa, but they are still unable to find it. But no worries, as you can easily find it at the top section of your residence visa, as can be seen in the figure below.

UID Number on Your Resident Visa
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How To Find UID Number Online?

You can also find your Unified Number UAE online by visiting the GDRFAD website. Follow the steps below to check your UID number online.

  • Step 1: Visit the official GDRFAD website.
  • Step 2: Scroll down, look for the “Find My Unified Number” option, and click “Start Service“.
Click on Start Service
  • Step 3: Enter your Passport Number, Nationality, and Date of Birth, and select your Gender. Click on Submit.
Enter Your Passport Number, Nationality and Date of Birth
  • Step 4: Upon submitting your details, you’ll be able to see your Unified Number successfully. It’ll be displayed as a UDB number.
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How To Obtain A Unified Number UAE?

If you’re unable to find your UID number and even the GDRFAD portal is not displaying your UID, then you can contact GDRFAD and ask them to check your details.

  • You can call at 8005111 to register your report.
  • If you’re outside the UAE, you can also call at +971 4 313 9999
  • You can contact GDRFAD at [email protected] as well.
  • If you want to visit physically, you can visit the GDRFAD Headquarters at Al Jaffliya, next to the Bur Dubai Police Station opposite the Jaffliya Metro station.
  • You can also contact GDRFAD through the contact form at GDRFAD Website.

This way, you can register your report and ask GDRFAD to provide you with a UID number.

What Should I Do If I Have Two UID Numbers?

Sometimes, it may happen that you get two different UID Numbers. That can be a system mistake. But don’t worry; you can fix it by contacting GDRFA to avoid having two UID numbers continuously, as it can affect the issuance of your UAE Residence Visa. This way, your UID numbers will be merged.

In order to fix having two UID Numbers, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the GDRFAD Headquarters.
  • Step 2: Carry your Passport Copy and Entry Visa copy with you.
  • Step 3: In case you have an old or expired visa or passport, take them along with you as well for reference.
  • Step 4: Ask the GDRFAD Customer Representative to fix your UID number issue.
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Benefits of Unified Number UAE

There are several benefits to your UID number. It holds a strong significance for UAE residents for:

  • Emirates ID Application
  • Resident Visa Application
  • Individual Identification in the UAE Immigration System
Benefits of UAE Unified Number
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Structure Of Unified Number

UID number might just look like a simple number to you, but it holds a proper structure. The first three numbers represent the Emirate to which your visa has been issued. For example, 201 is for Dubai, 101 is for Abu Dhabi, 301 is for Sharjah, and 401 is for Ajman.

The next four digits represent the year in which your Visa was issued. The rest 7-9 digits are your UAE visa number, also known as the residence number.

Some of the other information that is available on your visa are the codes.

  • Code 3 means your residency visa is sponsored by a family member or by a spouse.
  • Code 2 means you have a UAE Employment or UAE Work Visa.
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Visit the GDRFAD website and enter your Passport Number, Nationality, Date of Birth, and Gender, and you’ll be able to find your UID number.

UDB number is just another name for UID number, so you don’t need to confuse them. They’re exactly the same.

Only Dubai and Sharjah-based visas have a forward slash in their unified number. So, if you have one in your unified number after 201 or 301, then it means that either your visa is issued towards Dubai or Sharjah.


A complete guide on Unified Number UAE has been shared above. Now, you are familiar with what is a UID number, where to find it, what it means, and how you can check it online. Make sure to go through the guide completely, and you’ll be able to find your UAE UID Number easily.

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