The Consequences of Not Renewing Emirates ID Card in UAE in 2024

Emirates ID Card is proof of your identity while residing in UAE. Normally Emirates ID cards come with a validity of 5 to 10 years. It’s important to keep your Emirates ID Validity in check in order to smoothly use services that require your Emirates ID. If you fail to renew your Emirates ID, you can face serious consequences. Let’s have a look at the consequences of not renewing Emirates ID Card within the time limit.

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Consequences of Not Renewing Emirates ID Card Within The Time Limit

How Much Is The Fine For Not Renewing Your Emirates ID?

Once your Emirates ID expires, you get a 30-day grace period in order to renew your Emirates ID Card. If you still fail to renew your ID card within that time, a fine of 20 AED (Dirham) per day will start to be imposed on you, and it can reach up to 1,000 AED. You can check your fine at Emirates ID Fine Check.

Your first try must be to renew your Emirates ID within the time as there are so many Consequences of Not Renewing Emirates ID Card, however, there are some exemptions for which your fine can be lifted. But there are some conditions for eligibility.

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Eligibility For Exemption

UAE Citizens, GCC Nationals, and Expats can apply for an exemption for not renewing their emirates id card if they meet the following criteria.

  • A person who has been living outside the premises of UAE for more than three months and his id card has expired outside the UAE, or his card expired after he departed from UAE. A proper exemption report should be made using his travel documents.
  • A person who’s partially or fully disabled due to severe disease and is bedridden. This should be proven using his/her medical reports.
  • A person whose passport is being held while it is being renewed or whose ID card has expired while they are traveling owing to an executive or judicial order. He must provide proof in the form of an official letter from the appropriate authorities ordering his departure or holding his passport in a case or for renewal purposes.
  • Those older adults who cannot visit Customer Happiness Centers with age above 70. Their age should be proven via any passport, family book, or through authentic documents.
  • The staff of consular or diplomatic missions in UAE and people under those agencies care.
  • For the person whose Emirates ID card was not issued before he obtained family book or UAE Citizenship.
  • Those people who are under sponsorships or those who are subject to social security. It should be proved through an official certificate from the Ministry of Social Affairs or other Authentic Authorities.
  • Delays in the issuance or registration for an Emirates ID due to Emirates ID systems or any documentation error or any typing centers issue or error from any staff member.

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How To Apply For Exemption?

If you’re eligible for the exemption, then you can apply for the appeal in two different ways.

  • The first way is to visit ICA’s official website, log in using your credentials, and submit the request, or you can also apply using the UAEICP app.
  • Go to the official ICA Website, and from the Services section, click on “Individual Services,” and then click on “Application for Exemption From Delay Fees,” and then submit your request.
Click On Application for Exemption from delay fees
  • The second way is to visit any Customer Happiness Center and submit a request there.

You’ll be updated within 48 hours on whether your appeal has been accepted or rejected.

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Importance of Renewing Your Emirates ID

It’s crucial to renew your emirates id on time in order to avoid any legal issues and irritating fines. Aside from penalties, you can also get into complications while accessing utilities, government services, and banking transactions.

To ensure your legal status in UAE, having a valid Emirates ID is crucial. So, make sure to renew your ID card within the time in order to avoid any complications and to keep on enjoying other benefits associated with your Emirates ID.

Consequences of Not Renewing Emirates ID Card

Aside from the financial burden of not renewing your Emirates ID Card, there are some other Consequences of Not Renewing Emirates ID Card as well like you can also get into trouble for many other services, including government facilities, health care, and banking. In order to keep yourself safe from such issues, it’s advised to renew your ID card within the time. In order to renew your emirates id click on the below button.

Tips For Timely Renewal

Some tips have been shared so you can timely renew your necessary documents.

Tips for Timely Renewal of Emirates ID

Keep Track of Expiration Dates

You can note the expiration dates of your legal documents either in your diary or on your cell phone, where you regularly visit your documents. This way, you’ll be able to remember the expiry date of your Emirates ID and other important documents, and it’ll help you to renew your documents within the time limit.

Set Reminders

You can set reminders for your important dates that will help you remind your important tasks like renewing your Emirates ID, Passport, and other documents. Some of the ways you can use are:

  • Set Reminders On Your Smartphone: You can set reminders using your cellphone and set alarms or set reminders on the calendar, which will remind you of any important task on a specific date.
  • Use Apps: There are also some apps available on the Google or iOS App Store where you can set reminders for yourself, which will help you in reminding important dates. “Google Tasks” is one of those apps.

Make sure to renew your id card within time as consequences of not renewing emirates ID Card are serious and can cause so many unwanted complications for you.


If your Emirates ID is not renewed, a fine of 20 AED per day will start to be imposed on you, and it can reach up to 1,000 AED.

You can stay for 30 days in UAE once your ID Card is expired.

The grace period for Emirates ID renewal is 30 days.

The cost for Emirates ID renewal depends upon the validity. For Expats, the normal charges are 170 AED (For 1 Year), 270 AED (for 2 Years), and 370 AED (for 3 Years).


There are serious consequences of not renewing Emirates ID Card within the time limit and you must hurry in renewing your id card in order to avoid any additional fines and to keep using the services that come with Emirates ID.

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